Potato Chip of the Month Club

Potato Chip of the Month Club


Every month, our Potato Chip of the Month Club features terrific potato chips from smaller regional cookers.

For today's potato chip aficionado, it is harder then ever to get a decent selection or variety locally. You might be lucky enough to have one or two regional brands that have fought away a few feet of shelf space from the big boys (you know who we are talking about), but true selection is hard to come by. If this sounds like you, or a person you need to get the perfect gift for, then the Potato Chip of the Month Club should be just what you're looking for.

Each month the potato chip of the month club typically features four to five different varieties from a featured cooker. Each bag is typically 5-8 ounces, but on occasion, if a cooker offers a large variety of flavor, we might ship for instance 12 different flavors in a smaller size. Total amount each month is typically between 24 and 30 ounces.

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