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Popcorn of the Month Club

Popcorn of the Month Club

Every month, the Popcorn of the Month Club features several varieties of premium popped gourmet popcorn. We look for unique, hard to find popcorn creations that will delight any popcorn lover. We typically feature four or five different flavors/varieties each month from a single producer in mid-sized bags that typically average more than 2 gallons in volume.

Some of our featured poppers include Oogies, Thatchers, Cedar Creek, Colby Ridge, Fontazzi, Marleys, Catoctin, HR Poppin', Popsalot, MixMatch, Lesser Evil, California Treats, JM Golden Gourmet, All Star and more! Some examples of varieties we have featured in the past include basics such as Crunchy Caramel, Cheesy Cheddar, Chicago Style (combo of Caramel and Cheddar), White Cheddar, White Salted, Butter Crunch, Kettle Korn, Sour Cream & Onion, Cheddar Ranch and Toffee as well as less common, unique flavors such as Sundried Tomato & Parmesan, Caramel Apple, PeanutButter & Choco, Tutti Fruity, French Vanilla, Cinnamon Toast, Tiramisu-Cappuccino, Parmesan & Herbs, Black & White, Spicy Chipotle & Lime, Smoked Gouda... and many, many more!!

Due to purchasing considerations, this club  currently has limited duration, frequency and start month options and may become unavailable once it reaches a certain level of participation.

NOTE: this club can only ship to the lower 48.
Shipments typically arrive toward the end of each month.
Paper gift greetings are sent via USPS on beige post card sized heavy card stock inside an outer envelope. Gift greetings (paper & email) are sent in the afternoons Monday through Friday for orders placed before noon (CST). Should you have special requests regarding the timing of gift greetings, please indicate them in the order notes section at checkout. Click here for information on Christmas orders.
Your personalized message will be sent along with a description of what your recipient will be receiving and when they should expect the initial shipment. Please indicate who the gift is from in your personalized greeting.
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