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Christmas Order Information

Thank you for choosing Month Club Store for your Christmas gift giving. The following information describes how we process Christmas orders. If you have a special request or additional questions, let us know.

Christmas Gift Notifications

Shipments - Keeping the Gift a Surprise - All Christmas shipments and notifications will be delivered with the intent of keeping the gift a surprise for the recipient. The return address will list the delivery as from "MCS" rather then "Month Club Store" and a "Don't Open Till..." message will be placed prominently on the delivery. PLEASE NOTE: if not obvious from your personalized greeting or order notes, we will NOT handle it as a holiday order.

December start month: When we receive an order on or before December 9th with a holiday greeting (your personalized message) and a December start month, the gift message will be delivered with the initial month's package between the 14th and the 24th unless you instruct us otherwise.

January start month: When we receive an order with a holiday greeting (your personalized message) and a January start month, gift notifications will be sent to the recipient prior to the 25th with a note introducing the gift and stating that their monthly shipments will begin in January. For orders placed earlier, we will hold these greetings so that they arrive closer to Christmas (unless you instruct us otherwise). 

Email gift notifications for Christmas will be sent  out by 3:00 PM on Christmas Eve, December 24th for orders placed prior to 1:00 PM CST (on the 24th). Email gift notifications for orders placed after 1:00 PM CST on the 24th will be sent on Monday, December 27th. Please note that if you choose an email gift notification with a December start, the recipient will receive the email on the 24th as well as a gift note inside the December shipment.

Personalized gift cards for orders received with a non-holiday personalized message (such as birthday, wedding, thank you, etc.) will be sent immediately (as usual). Orders received with no personalized message (for instance - if you are purchasing for yourself) will not receive a greeting. 

Hanukkah: Hanukkah begins on November 29th this year. If the contents of your personalized greeting indicate that the gift is for Hanukkah, we will send the notifications accordingly.

Important Dates

Friday, December 10th, Noon CST - cutoff for December start month. Initial shipments for orders placed after the 10th can only start in January.

Friday, December 17th, 2:00 PM CST - cutoff for gift cards to safely arrive by the 24th via USPS First Class Mail. PLEASE NOTE: this is a cutoff established by USPS. All orders placed after this time that require gift card delivery by the 24th must be shipped via the methods listed below. You may also request that we send notification via email or print your own notification (click here).

Wednesday, December 22nd, Noon CST - cutoff for gift cards to arrive by the 24th via FedEx 2 Day ($10 additional charge).

Tuesday, December 24th, 1:00PM CST - cutoff for email gift notifications to be sent. All greetings for orders placed after this time will be processed on Monday, December 28th.

During the week of Monday, January 17th - January shipments will be sent and should arrive that week or early the following week.

Corporate and Larger Orders

To more easily accommodate multiple orders, we suggest contacting us directly. We will work with you to determine the best way to ensure your order is placed quickly and properly.

Special Requests/Additional Questions

We are able to accommodate special requests including special delivery instructions. Some additional costs may apply.

If you have a special request or additional questions, let us know.