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  • Quality - we are committed to featuring top quality selections for all of our clubs. Our buyers attend Specialty Food shows to meet our vendors and hear their stories. Over the years, we have literally sampled tens of thousands of items to find selections that are unique and appealing. While most of our competitors are drop shippers, we actually handle the products we ship to you.
  • Experience - our company has been involved in the specialty food business for more than 20 years.
  • Service - your satisfaction is our top priority. While we do everything we can to ensure a problem free experience, should a problem occur, we will work quickly to correct it. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
  • Selection - we offer the largest variety of month club options in one place.
  • Value - we will not be undersold! We are always monitoring our competitors in order to offer the best value available. If you find a club of comparable quality elsewhere, we will meet or beat their price.
  • Security and Privacy - our ecommerce and hosting systems feature the highest levels of security. We are CISP/PCI PABP Certified. We do not store credit card information - in fact, we don't even have the ability to see it. We never use your personal information inappropriately or share it with third parties.
  • Ethics - we pride ourselves in our business ethics and we are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A+ rating.

Need more convincing? Take a look at what some of our customers have had to say:

"Thank you so much for such a prompt and thorough reply. My husband and I both work in the customer service industry, and know the importance of excellent customer service. You have exceeded even our tough expectations with your immediate and well written response, detailed explanation and decisive action. It's so wonderful to see that customer service is alive and well! The Month Club Store is lucky to have you on their staff. Thanks again for all you've done." - Barbey G - Windsor, CA

"This was my first month in the Olive of the Month Club.  (My son gave me 3 months for Mother’s Day.)  Love the garlic stuffed olives.  They’re a tasty treat.  We’re going to use them in martinis this weekend.  Looking forward to it." - Julie V - Gaithersburg, MD

"Thanks so much for the great service!" - Maggie O - Long Beach, CA

"Thanks for your swift reply.... I've not as yet received the replacement chips...and I'm in salt withdrawal!!...just kidding...the chips that have arrived during the last 10 months have been great...good companies and yummy products!...I'll be sad when my "year of chips" ends!!" - Sandy B - San Diego, CA

"Thank you so much for your quick reply and (address) change... Thank you again - This is fabulous customer service - a bit of a rarity today!"  - Cindy P - Troy, ID

"I appreciate your attention to the matter and that shows great customer service." - Bill C - Plymouth, MA

"Received the balls you sent for June. I want you to know that the Bridgestone Tour B330-S is one of the best I have used. I am hitting this ball straighter and with a 10 to 15 yard gain in distance, and for a 70yr old man I need all the distance I can get. The next time I buy balls I will be looking for the Bridgestone Tour B330-S." - Larry C - Southport, NC

"Thanks so very much for your swift and clear communication." - Mary G - Austin, TX

"I belong to the olive oil club and several months ago you had an incredible selection from Vincotto... I really appreciate your reply and will be back in touch.  You are on my recommendation list for Christmas.  Thanks for your time." - Kathy M - Wellsville, PA

"Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the way your April and May Chips & Salsa of the Month Club items were shipped. The partitioned boxes allowed the chips to arrive intact, not crushed. Thanks for taking the time to make sure that your product arrived intact!  We really appreciate your good service."  - Emily G - Brookings, OR

"All of the sauces were good, of course, some were better than others but I really can't remember the ones we liked the best or least. My husband wasn't as fond of some of the thicker, tubular pastas, but I thought they were all good. Thanks so much for making the address change, I'm looking forward to the next selection."  - Donna W - Clermont, FL

"Thank you so much. You guys are very prompt! Merry Christmas." - Peter E - Lowell, AR

"I am happy to report, (the) Charith Valley Red Raspberry –Wasabi Mustard is delicious!!! My question and comment is, how can I get some more? Like a pint in any kind of pack. Or 2 pints! I looked on their web site, and nothing like that shows up, so I wondered if this was something they formulated just for you? At any rate, I would appreciate it if you would head me in the right direction where I could get some more of the wonderful stuff. My wife and I both think it is one of the best mustards we have tasted. We feel it is definitely the best we have received from your monthly mailings. And I mentioned you several times!" - Charles W - Lakewood, WA

"Thank you for such a fast response... I truly appreciate your commitment to service... He enjoys trying new balls and has discovered some new favorites that he otherwise might not have tried." - Arie R - Plymouth, MA

"Thanks so much for continuing to follow up with this.  The package with the extra sauce made it here safely last week as promised." - Andrea L - Oak Park, IL

"Your customer service is impressive, thank you!" - Symantha O - Roswell, GA

"Thanks for the quick response!  That's the quickest response I've ever received from a general email customer inquiry.  I really appreciate it! Keep up the good work."  - Francine H - Brooklyn, NY

"I recently received my December candle of the month, Caramel Pear and have to say this is the very best I have received since the beginning... This one is WONDERFUL." - Sharon D - Conroe, TX

"Excellent!  Thanks so much for making this so easy :-)" - Rochelle B - Bellerose, NY

"In Nov I wrote asking for info about the club and had some specific request to see if you could fill. Your customer service person was so much help and with his suggestions and I ordered a 3 month subscription to the jelly Of The Month Club. I was happy to find such a club and as I said your service person was so much help." - Pat T - Woodstock, GA

"Thank you for your quick response, I appreciate your service and look forward to doing business with you again." - Janet O - Pittsburgh, PA

"The Hazelnut candle is adorable (great jar) and it smells great. I'm looking forward to burning it (but also might not because I want to keep the scent around -- what a dilemma!)." - Bonnie B - Yardley, PA

"I want to congratulate you for your prompt response and offer to adjust for the late delivery. A good company is not always perfect, it's reactions to the hiccups of business is the best reflection of its management quality. My congratulations. I wish you much success." - Richard M - Phoenix, AZ

"Wow! I don't know of another vendor who is so responsive to customers--thank you!" - Michaela S - Seal Beach, CA

"Wow great customer service! I didn't catch the location to switch the recipient information. I did not intend to place an order for myself. Thank you for catching and confirming. You just sealed the deal on what my husband will be getting for his birthday in August! I'll be back." - Lori P - Denver, CO

"Thanks so much for such a timely response. I will check out your month club website to see what other selections you offer.  With the kind of service you've provided I will definitly use your services for gift ideas." - Kim D - Seattle, WA

"You are unbelievable! Thanks for answering so fast. It is perfect to include the other items more frequently. I am sure you will do a wonderful job for my beloved grandmother. Thanks again for the quick response." - Kelly S - Santa Rosa, CA

"You are very kind. Thank you so much for your timely response. I am looking forward to receiving the gifts for the next year. I will surely tell all my friends about your wonderful customer service!" - Kelly B - Moorpark, CA

"I found after comparison, your prices are better and you have many more options available. My other parents will love the snack club. I have already told a few friends about this site." - Dianne K - Omaha, NE

"Thank you! My husband will be so happy--he has so enjoyed the selections so far--I appreciate your customer service and look forward to buying more "of the month" gifts in the future." - Julie W - Berkeley, CA

"My daughter had signed me up for your Breakfast of the Month Club--and, there was a JELLY (in January), that was sent--that was DELICIOUS/ Dickinson's Pure Seedless RED RASPBERRY PRESERVE. I was wondering..., IF you have any more of this Jelly (and/or, other Flavors), and that I could purchase some from you." - Jack F - North Haledon, NJ

"Thank you for the follow up...  I would hate to miss out on any of the selections.  I am looking forward to my next selection. Also, you can pass this on to whom ever, but I really appreciate the customer service you have provided to me.  The follow up has been great!" - Jackie W - Sedona, AZ

"Thanks for your quick reply. I really appreciate great customer service." - Erik H - Boston, MA

"I recently stumbled upon your website and loved it, especially your selection of clubs. Your website is truly unique because it offers so many options. Potato chip club...mmm!" - Elizabeth K - Encino, CA

"I commend you on your reply for it was a pleasant one. I sent a similar Email to another "month club" and their reply was a fast and to the point..... Basically blew me off......" - Doug M - Reno, NV

"In regards to the selections, I have thoroughly enjoyed all the selections so far. Anyway, thank you for your prompt response, I look forward to enjoying this months chips." - Dan M - New York, NY

"Wow! Thanks for your very prompt and informative reply. I appreciate it very much." - Darcy S - Anchorage, AK

"My husband and I tried another BBQ sauce club last summer and we were very disappointed. Twice, we had to call to chase down our shipment, their service was awful and when we did get our shipments on time, they would often include rubs when all we really wanted were sauces. We decided to try your club this summer and what a difference: your shipments arrived when expected and the selections were great." - Nancy H - Atlanta, GA

"My husband received the package yesterday.  It was filled with many great goodies.  Thank you very much!" - Christina K - Fairfax, VA

"Thank you for your vigilance and your response to my dilemma concerning my error in ordering. I look forward to hearing from the recipient and her delight with the gift from the Month Club Store. Merry Christmas." - Ann M - Toluca Lake, CA

"I purchased the 12 month "snack of the month" club membership for my grandmother last year and she absolutely LOVED it!!  Thanks!" - Amy S - Madison, WI

"Wow! What great customer service. I am very happy with the time and effort you have put forth so THANK YOU!" - Kathleen E - St. Louis, MO